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Holy Week Museum


The Holy Week Museum (Museo de Semana Santa) in Antigua, Guatemala is dedicated to the religious celebration of Holy Week, which is one of the most important cultural and religious events in the country. The museum has a large collection of objects and artifacts related to the Holy Week celebration, including wooden sculptures, paintings, and other works of art.


Additional Information:

The museum has various exhibition rooms, where visitors can learn about the history and traditions of the Holy Week celebration in Antigua. One of the most impressive exhibits is the giant “alfombras,” which are colorful carpets made of flowers, sawdust, and other materials that are created on the streets of Antigua during Holy Week.

In addition to the exhibitions, the museum offers guided tours and workshops for visitors to learn about the different techniques and traditions used in the creation of the Holy Week artifacts and carpets. The Holy Week Museum is a must-visit for anyone interested in the cultural and religious heritage of Guatemala.


Entrance Fee:
National Tourist Q.5.00 / Central American tourist Q.15.00 / Foreign Student Q.20.00 / Foreign Tourist Q.40.00
Opening Hours:
Daily 9am - 5pm
Days Closed: