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Bee Restaurante Ecológico


“Bee Cabañas” is an eco-friendly lodge and restaurant in Antigua, specifically in El Hato, Antigua.  Bee Cabañas emphasizes sustainability and a close connection with nature. They may prioritize using organic and locally sourced ingredients in their meals, promoting a farm-to-table concept.

Additional Information:

This place focuses on beekeeping and honey production as part of its eco-friendly practices. They have beehives on their premises to support local bee populations and promote pollination in the surrounding area.

In addition to offering accommodation, Bee Cabañas has integrated bee-related activities or experiences for guests to learn about beekeeping, honey production, and the importance of bees in the ecosystem. They could offer educational tours or workshops where visitors can observe the bees and participate in honey-related activities, such as honey tastings or learning how to harvest honey.

Entrance Fee:
Opening Hours:
Wed-Thurs 8am - 5pm & Fri 8am - 6pm
Saturday 7am - 7pm & Sunday 7am - 6pm
Days Closed: