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Ancestral gastronomy restaurant, a melting pot of richness and harmony inherited from Quiché, Kaqchikel, and Mam ethnic groups, which are enjoyed in a variety of stews and broths.

El Adobe Antigua Guatemala, 5a Calle Oriente 10a, Antigua Guatemala

Experimental concept. Lazy Eye Sushi offers a new way of sushi using traditional cooking methods. Expect a beautiful sushi bar, sake, wine and cheese.

Lazy Eye Sushi 4ta calle oriente 14-8, Antigua Guatemala

Toko Baru is a cozy restaurant where you can have tasty falafel, shawarma and other Mediterranean and Asian influenced food. You can be sure of finding good quality food, cheap prices and a nice friendly and laid back atmosphere.

Toko Baru 1a Avenida Sur, 17B, Antigua Guatemala

Whether you’re a nature enthusiast, a food lover, or simply seeking a peaceful escape, Girasoles de Antigua is a destination that promises to leave you spellbound. Come, immerse yourself in the splendor of sunflowers and let Girasoles de Antigua be your sanctuary of serenity in Antigua, Guatemala.

Sunflowers of Antigua (Girasoles de Antigua) 5ta avenida sur 39 lote b, San Pedro panorama, antigua Guatemala Antigua, Guatemala 03001

“Bee Cabañas” is an eco-friendly lodge and restaurant in Antigua, specifically in El Hato, Antigua.  Bee Cabañas emphasizes sustainability and a close connection with nature. They may prioritize using organic and locally sourced ingredients in their meals, promoting a farm-to-table concept.

Bee Restaurante Ecológico H7VW+FV Vuelta Grande


Iglesia San Pedro Apóstol, Guatemala 03001, 6a Calle Oriente No. 20, Antigua Guatemala

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