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Weather & Climate


Antigua enjoys a warm temperate climate all year round. There are two main seasons in Antigua, summer, and winter. The summer starts in November/ December and lasts until April. The summer in Antigua is warm and dry with very little rainfall. The winter in Antigua lasts from May through November and is characterized by heavier rainfall in the afternoons and evenings, with the day remaining relatively dry (but potentially cloudy). 

Antigua's weather and climate

Both seasons in Antigua are enjoyable for the majority of travelers. The winter (May through November) typically sees fewer tourists because of the rain. If you plan to visit Antigua for trekking and volcano-related activities specifically, we advise traveling in the summer because clouds may block some of the incredible views that the city and surrounding volcanoes have to offer.


When planning a trip to Guatemala, it is important to realize that different areas in the country have different climates depending on the time of year. Guatemala is a very diverse country geographically and therefore some areas in the northwest of the country at high altitudes are known to get snow.


In contrast, areas closer to the Caribbean and Belize (like the city of Flores) are hot and humid year-round. Please take the varied geography into account when planning and packing for a trip to Guatemala. Also, take into consideration that the weather can have an impact on your travel plans. If you plan to travel during the rainy season, you might find that roads are closed after heavy rainstorms due to landslides and flooding.