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Traveling to Antigua

Best time to travel to Antigua

There is no “best time to travel” to Antigua since the weather is almost always agreeable. There is a wet season (“winter”) and a dry season (“summer”), although the weather remains relatively similar throughout the year apart from more clouds and an afternoon/ evening shower in the winter. To learn more about the climate and seasons in Antigua, visit our climate page.

Entry Requirements and Visas


  • Passport Validity: 6 months
  • Blank Passport Pages: 1 page per stamp
  • Tourist Visa Required: Not required for stays of 90 days or less
  • Required Vaccinations: none
  • Currency Restrictions for Entry: $10,000
  • Currency Restrictions for Exit: $10,000

Visa, Entry, and Exit Requirements

C4 Visas

Upon arrival citizens of most countries will be granted a 90-day tourist visa on arrival. It is best to check with your local embassy to confirm that you are able to receive a visa on arrival and do not need to go through additional steps. For most countries, including the USA and European countries, you will have no problem obtaining a visa on arrival.

Please keep in mind that Guatemala is a member of the C4. The C4 is a group of four countries that includes Nicaragua, El Salvador, and Honduras. When you enter Guatemala, you will be given a 90-day C4 visa, meaning you have 90 days to spend between the four aforementioned countries. If your travel includes time in El Salvador, Honduras or Nicaragua, make sure you take plan how to spend your 90 days accordingly. If you intend to stay beyond 90 days, it is possible to extend your visa in Guatemala City. You can also do a “border run,” which entails leaving the C4 for three days. Upon returning to the C4, you will be given a new 90-day C4 visa.  

Required travel documents for entry:

  • A passport with at least 6 months of validity and a blank page.
  • Proof of on-ward travel (if traveling by air). You aren’t always asked for this document, but it’s best to have your onward ticket handy should you be asked to provide one. You can purchase a “temp”one from and it will cost you about $10-$14.
  • A Yellow Fever vaccine certificate (yellow card) is required for passengers over the age of 1 that are arriving from high risk YF areas.