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Finca Filadelfia Coffee Resort and Tours


Finca Filadelfia is a first-class hotel and restaurant. With hundreds of five-star reviews, their coffee tours are strongly recommended for those who wish to learn more about coffee, its history, and its process of being made.

Additional Information:

Finca Filadelfia was founded in 1864 by the current owner’s great-grandfather. Their coffee farm is one of the oldest in Guatemala. It later expanded to include a hotel and restaurants. Finca Filadelfia’s Cafetenango Cafè serves traditional Guatemalan foods, while you can also find French-style cuisine at their Pergaminos Restaurant. Both restaurants have a beautiful view, delicious food, and “helpful and attentive” staff.

Finca Filadelfia has also become one of the region’s most-known tour operators, offering traditional two-hour-long coffee tours that include latte art, coffee tasting, and knowledge on the coffee-growing process, starting from the farm to your cup.

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Opening Hours:
Daily 7am - 6pm
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