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Centro Cultural La Azotea

Centro Cultural La Azotea is a cultural center located in Jocotenango, about 15 minutes from Antigua Guatemala. The center is set in a beautiful hacienda-style building and is dedicated to preserving and promoting traditional Guatemalan culture. “A celebration of community, culture, and nature on a 150-year-old coffee farm. Events and activities, in a beautiful green space.”
Additional Information:

One of the main attractions at Centro Cultural La Azotea is the coffee museum, which is a comprehensive exhibition about coffee production in Guatemala. Visitors can learn about the history of coffee, the different varieties grown in Guatemala, and the process of harvesting and roasting coffee beans. There is also a coffee plantation on the property that visitors can tour.

In addition to the coffee museum, Centro Cultural La Azotea has a museum of Mayan music, which showcases traditional instruments and music from the Maya civilization. There is also a textile museum, where visitors can learn about the traditional weaving techniques of Guatemala and see examples of intricate textiles created by local artisans.

Centro Cultural La Azotea offers several activities for children, including educational tours of the coffee plantation, workshops on traditional Guatemalan crafts, and visits to the on-site museum to learn about the culture and history of Guatemala. Additionally, there is a playground area and a farm with animals that children can visit and interact with. The center also occasionally hosts cultural events and performances that are family-friendly.

The center also has restaurants that serve national and international cuisine, and a gift shop where visitors can purchase locally-made crafts and souvenirs.

The hours of Centro Cultural La Azotea vary depending on the season, but it is generally open every day and the entrance fee includes access to all the museums and a guided tour.

Entrance Fee:
Mon-Fri Q10.00 & Weekends: Adults Q20.00 - Children Q10.00
Opening Hours:
Mon-Tues 10am - 6pm Wed 8am-6pm & Thurs 8am-8pm
Fri 8am-9pm Sat 8am-9pm & Sun 8am-6pm
Days Closed: